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Rothbury Lineup. July 2-5 by dizzurt
March 16, 2009, 10:45 am
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The Dead
Bob Dylan and His Band
The String Cheese Incident
Willie Nelson & Family
The Black Crowes
Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley & Nas
G. Love & Special Sauce
Gov’t Mule
Broken Social Scene
Yonder Mountain String Band
The Disco Biscuits
Les Claypool
Cold War Kids
John Butler
Ani DiFranco
Girl Talk
Femi Kuti & The Positive Force
Martin Sexton
Flogging Molly
Railroad Earth
The Hold Steady
Toots & The Maytals
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys
Brett Dennen
Zappa Plays Zappa
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Shpongle DJ Set
Son Volt
Jackie Greene
Man Man
Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band w/ Tony Rice
King Sunny Adé & His African Beats
Kid Cudi
STS9 Live PA
The Glitch Mob
Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam
Pretty Lights
Moseley, Law, Sipe & Droll
Quannum All Stars ft. Lyrics Born, The Mighty Underdogs, Gift of Gab & Lifesavas
Toubab Krewe
Sam Roberts Band
Hill Country Revue
Kyle Hollingsworth Band
Lipp Service
2020 Soundsystem
Break Science ft. Adam Deitch
The Hard Lessons
The Low Anthem
Underground Orchestra
Future Rock
The Macpodz
Steppin’ In It
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Chris Pierce
Rachel Goodrich
The Ragbirds
Four Finger Five


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and for close to $300, you can hoola hoop too!!!

Comment by dizzurt

im not exactly sure what you think this lineup is missing dizzydoo? but when dylan, willie, the dead, and nas are playing the same spot im pretty sure i will be there.

this is a hell of a hippy lineup right cheeerrrrrr….exactly, lets do diss

Comment by ranchsauce

name 5 acts you want on this bill that arent….

Comment by ranchsauce

Here are my thoughts for ya Ranch..cuz there are illin artists…and im not saying it sucks, just saying its no longer my priority to get to Michigan, especialy for $300…

1st off: its not Nas…its Damien Marly and Nas…WACKK!!!

2nd: (personally) speaking i hate that happy go lucky hippie bullshit…aka string chiz , disco biscuits,railroad earth, govt mule, blah blah, and the other 50 names on here that are hoola hooping, hackie sackers

3rd:B/C there are sooooo many artists on here, means your going to miss ones you’d really like to see bc of conflicting set times

4: Girl Talk…Black Crowes…enuff said

5: did bob dyaln finally lose his voice? is that why people are so excited to see him??!!!

6: Younger brother, new deal, infected mushroom, bonobo, trentemoller, amon tobin, rjd2, the roots, hot chip, bassnectar, grimace federation, mercury program, squarepusher, vibesquad, mos def, OL, egg, easy star all stars


The illin shit(but obv. not limited too): Pretty Lights, Eoto, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Glitch Mob, Les Claypool, Toots

Comment by dizzurt

1. Jr Gong is not wack. And why would the two of them not put on an ill show at one of the biggest festivals of the summer?

2. I respect your opinion on not digging twang/folk/indie/happygolucky dizz

3. We should probably wait for the schedule before we are sure of that. Seems to be how large festivals go though. Give and Take.

4. I wouldn’t watch Girl Talk or Chromeo or Eliot Lipp at a festival even if i was allowed on stage.

5. bob dylan and his songs and his voice are off limits! hah. and if he gets on stage with the Dead its a worthy trip to see him. plus just being at a festival he is present at has got to be badass in general, its like chilling near barack obama for a weekend x 10.

6. lineup isn’t finished yet. you named like all the rest of the coolest acts around btw, of course they should get some of them in there. late night dj’s and more hip hop artists are needed you are right about that but i wouldnt rule out it happening.

and dont forget that this festival is not a joke. last year was not a joke. this is going to be epic. if you didnt see any music all weekend, it would still be the place to be. they are going to live up to the hype. its going to be one huge 4th of july American orgasm!!!!!!! AMERICA FUCK YEAHHHHHH

Comment by ranchsauce

LOL…point(s) very well taken..July 4th, as i failed to realize, is gunna be DOPPPEE! haha im def down to go, no dibbz driving however..hah..epic mite be a good word, i am excited to see dylan/dead and smoke weed wit willie

the only thing this festy is missing tho is:
Drive by truckers & Ratatat

Comment by dizzurt

….not as stoked on this as last year…

Comment by jetpackk

i’m with dizz and kristi, seems like a typical lineup, nothing that crazy to me. but i want to take pictures in the woods with you freaks so lets go.

Comment by nobsquad

lol you guys are wild.. should rent a winnebago!!

Comment by clonea0p

hitchhike this bitchhhhhhh

Comment by ranchsauce

I mostly agree wit dizoot BUT…

1. i aint hatin on no hippstrwooksies but it aint half close to the real dead bitches.
2. I dont think a giant 4th party at a huge already festy is dat good for the scene in general im goin for tuneskers I guarantee u miss at least half of the acts you came or wanted to see. with the sheer size of this festy alone good luck being thousands of heads deep and running around trying to catch conflicting/close line-ups.
4. im down to see dylan even if hes 100 hes already done to much to not grant em that
5. that said i think the main, and maybe only, problems with this festy is A. its size
B. Sure its quite a line-up, but i get the feeling these promoters toss some bigger/more mainstream names up there just because they KNOW it will draw a larger audience along side the somewhat undergroundish smaller acts(which crosses point A). Whether its the money or the publicity or whatever else Im just saying: Cut the price a bit and some of those bullshit names for the sake of a reasonable festival, some people come for the MUSIC, ART, CAMPING and DRUGS.
5. lez get dez mahed hoezsefs ladiez

PS everything else about it is amazing, stage setups and decorations like no other cant wait to see the enchanted forest at night but ya i prolly aint makin it to this folkfagfest

Comment by whitelush

chaz you sonofabitch. move back to allston or i disown you.

Comment by ranchsauce

When did this become Jambase? Sounds like a bunch of whiney punks just b/c a festival put together a diverse range of quality musicians instead of non-stop dj sets. That lineup is the best of many worlds, pulling people of all different tastes together so we can fucking wile out in sherwood forest together. Yeah there’s some mainstream bullshit, but keep in mind they went through a bankruptcy this off-season and survived to throw us another rager.

True jams all day, tribe/biscuits/lotus to get the night started, and dank funk shpongle/mstrkrft/glitch mob/2020/eoto/future rock to bring in the sunrise. I’m fucking there.

As for $300 – I’m working the bars and can probably get anyone a job if they want. Free ticket + $200-400

Comment by siegelworld

hahahah.. I have a blast during school just tuning into your discussions. A++ would read again, regardless of price or line-up its the summer.. why not enjoy it the right way? .. hollerrr

Comment by clonea0p

shutup siegel…your a winy bitch…FOLK INDIE JAM IS GAY

Comment by dizzurtdizzurt


Comment by dizzurtdizzurt

we shood just go and enjoy eachothers company. :o)

Comment by dizzurtdizzurt

dizz got kissed by a guy at webster hall…and he liked it……..holyshitholyshitholyshit

Comment by ranchsauce


Comment by siegelworld

y’ll is crazy. this festival is definitely going to be as insane, if not insaner (not a real word), as last year. i’m with siegel on this one.

Comment by jamphish

i agree with jam and siegels and rich, just because some of you don’t like hippie music (the reasons festivals came to be in america) doesn’t mean it is shitty, its just not your thing. i do agree 300$ is fucking retarded to spend, but if i can get the $ together i am prob going.

so, don’t be a hater… its all about the love.

PS: DIZZY- if u say the biscuits suck one more time i’m gonna come to your house and kick yoooooo ass! ❤

Comment by probeme

i dont know what yall keep talkin about how like “i actualy like real music/bands not dj’s blah blah blah…” im not saying this should be an electro party…and id rather watch full bands too..hence the reason most of the other artists i listed as should be on there are live band acts..NOT JUST DJ’s…and its not that im not into it, its that its kinda gay..lol..life isnt always happy and everything isnt always splendid, and you can’t hacky sack your way thru life, and you cant get a career in hoola hooping, and we cant “LOVE” eachother and everybody everyday. so thereforrrrrrrrrr….how can all that music be that way?

IF YOU WANT TO SEE A REAL BAND GO SEE MESHUGGAH..the rest is all just get fucked up sounds the same “jam” anyways…

Comment by dizzurt

“hack sack” music touches upon less happy themes in a way that allows the listener to connect to the lyrics so that they can work to get through their own life’s dark, non-happy situations. it is often a positive take upon the negative, which is how the negative side of life should be confronted and overcome i think.

i think the way that some metal, punk, rap, trance, and electronic artists convey and express that dark, non-happy go lucky side of life is in a negative way. it is often not about overcoming and moving on , but about wallowing and allowing anger/hate build up.

Comment by ranchsauce

ladies and gentlemen.. Dizz has a hacky sack in the center console of his car at all times… start the bashing!!!

Comment by clonea0p

im not even gonna start with the dark shit i think you all know my stance(EVIL)…but thats the great thing about music, its eclectic. Theres always something different out there for everyone and not every1 will like it. We tend to cling to certain sounds, styles, genres, bands etc while in moods, situations, or times in our lives were the natural gravity/energy pulls us into things you never though you’d like before. When im depressed i dam sure don’t wana hear some happy-jam bands and vice versa. I use to be a straight post-hardcore metal/screamo head along with a lota our friends who still are[hi ryry etc.]. glassjAW was and still is my favorite band since HS. Music is full of profound and mood altering entities and effects for so many varieties of people. Everyone goes through phases in life as well and our ears constantly change in a almost metaphoric way; kinda like your taste buds.(all i ever listened to was Hardcore Rap as a kid and now i cant stand that scene) That said who else fucking loves steamed broccoli with some melted parmesean these days, mmmm…id puke it 10 years ago.

Comment by whitelush

and oh yea ultimate frisbee is the best sport ever hands down bitches

Comment by whitelush

impressive rant chaz. i want some broccoli madafuck

Comment by ranchsauce

impressive rant chaz. i want some broccoli madafuck

Comment by ranchsauce

oh man.. ranch is tryin to dig into ur sauce 😦

Comment by clonea0p

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