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Jah Jah Binx by dizzurt
February 10, 2009, 11:19 am
Filed under: dizzurt, RANTS

So, Im digging the art n sht but i have a comment/rant/complaint….I hate how when an artist is uploaded like 15 of their paintings are then put in a line down the page, and it takes up so much of the page. It makes browsing really difficult and makes it harder to find newer posts as well. Is there a way we can put like a few samples up and have a link to the rest of the pictures/paintings/art?? It would make the whole blog home page more tidy, and less intrusive.


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Comment by ranchsauce

well the person just has to have a place where the full gallery can be seen. Personally i like seeing all the art and dani is turning me on in an art sense and in an erotic sense to new types of art work. In my opinion it doesn’t really mess up the page because we figured out our blog holds 10 posts per page, no matter how big or small, so i say make em as big as you want. my 3 cents

Comment by nobsquad

can we widen the white texted area then.?..my eyes hurt everytime im on this dam site & i need adderol just to find and search for anything…

Comment by dizzurt

what if we just make the whole site white so you can’t see where these borders are.

Comment by nobsquad

holy moley.

Comment by ranchsauce

i dont have to post anything anymore if its a problem. no biggie

Comment by probeme

where am i going to learn about rad new art then dani?!

Comment by ranchsauce

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