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Mati Klarwein by probeme
February 6, 2009, 3:00 pm
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Mati Klarwein, although considered a psychedelic artist by some, when asked in an interview “How do you feel about being classified as a psychedelic painter?” his response was:

I think it’s subjective.  Anybody can classify me as they wish.  In the fifties I was classified as an illustrator, even though my work consisted of paintings.  And in the sixties my work was classified as psychedelic.  So I took psychedelics to find out what it was all about.  I found out I couldn’t paint on them.  I’ll tell you about a funny episode.  Jean Houston and Robert Masters put together a book called Psychedelic Art in the sixties, and they came to me.  They did an interview with me, like we’re doing now, to include me in their book.  And they asked me, “What kind of psychedelics do you take when you’re painting?”  And I said, “I don’t take anything when I’m painting.  When I take psychedelics I get very horny, and I start going out to nightclubs and cruising.”

So they said, “Well, we can’t put you in the book.”  I freaked out, because I wasn’t in any book yet (laughter), and I said, “But I get my ideas when I’m high.”  And they said, “Alright, we’ll put you in the book.”  Next they asked me for the names of other psychedelic painters, and I gave them a whole list, including Fuchs.  I called them all up right away, and I told them, “Tell them that you’re taking psychedelics!”  And they all got in the book. 


Nativity, 1961

Clone (unfinished), 2002

Clone (unfinished), 2002

Zonked, 1971

Zonked, 1971

Time, 1965

Time, 1965 


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i think my favorite thing about all these works would have to be how the lady’s arms in , Time, is Water holding an Earth sword, and Fire holding a Wind sword. dooope.

ps good work nobs on the Art section!

Comment by ranchsauce

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