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Zap!- (New Project from Raja Ram and Benji Vaughan) by ranchsauce
February 5, 2009, 12:16 am
Filed under: music, ranchsauce

A little something for those looking to dabble in some comfortable psytrance, ranging from 120 to 150 bpm. I pretty much prefer to keep the Psy i hear coming from Twisted, so im digging it.

Raja Ram and Benji released this album (Big Bang) sometime in the fall last year on TipWorld. They describe the album as: “Sci-fi sound-scapes, techno minimalism, break beats, thumping electro, cutting-edge digital, and low down dirty analogue sounds”

Proton Pusher

Hofmanns Watch

Everybody Atomic

I Can See Rainbows

One Forty Eight


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YESSS dood i been looking for this since they posted the zap youtube vid on the shpongle myspace last year…..WTF did u get dissssss. n where did that telepath come from diz, i remember we used to scour the internetsefs all day just for singles/live shit. please tell me these aren’t all myspace rips. big UP!

Comment by whitelush

i read about it mentioned on the Twisted website. i couldn’t find the tracks anywhere until I found the Zap! myspace page/an mp3 on Raja’s page. Google it, i heard he threw down the Proton’s track crazy at some live show.

Comment by ranchsauce

“please tell me these aren’t all myspace rips. big UP!”- um u just posted the garbage mypace 1 min samples i was talking about….get me a cd or singles copy.

Comment by whitelush

The telepath shit came right from their site..free download…Ive also found all of their releases from torrents n such i believe…they like to realease alotta just randomly tracks on their site too..

Comment by dizzurt

i tried last night to find a copy and….


^^i think you can download the whole album at this site for free?? check it out chaz

Comment by ranchsauce

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