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Zach Lipkins- Air Whales by ranchsauce
February 5, 2009, 2:11 am
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The positively down-tempo music of our good buddy-Mr. Zach Lipkins(a resident of Pdubz, USA)-has definitely cemented it’s place among the Bonobo’s and Thievery Corporation’s of the world on my “2-5am & and Thoughtfully Stoned” Itunes Playlist. For anyone who hasn’t gotten a chance to get down to some of Zach’s head-y jams, letss do diss!…

I might not have really paid notice to it so much when I first played his album, Air Whales, but I can’t help but feel good blasting some of these mind picking,organic-done-electronic tracks straight from Zach. I think this album is so soothing its to gotten to the point where my ADD-esque mind is just fine with letting it play from end to end, if only it could get rid of this head cold. After much deliberation, I think that Sebra has become that one most auspicious track that my mouse gravitates to initially on this tracklist. It starts off with the hollow sound of finger’s rubbing across a guitar fret, moves into some head bobbing soft break beat’s, and adds a little repeating synth progression. All the while, some of the sounds make me feel like I am inside of a freshly OCD-cleaned out Illadelph, or simply floating through something very fluid.

The one live show I was able to attend of Zach‘s last year nearly blew me and the rest of the 20 Pratt crew right off our seats (yes, this was quiet, sit down show amongst scholars )…and into the quietest dance off ive ever been a part of. I am excited to catch his next show (TBA), which will hopefully include a longer set and some Gavin Castleton (Gruvis Malt) live vocals. I think someone should work on getting Zach to throwdown some late night sets in the near future, i got a few ill dance moves ready for that night.

PS. ask Zach how to get a copy of the album at zlipkins@gmail.com or at myspace.com/zachlipkins

-Ranchard Guerra

“Air Whales” is available to buy as digital or hard copy here:

“He adds quick breaks that keep you progressively more intrigued and interested. And as the title suggests, it is definitely required late-night listening. The music works so well in your headphones, weaving patterns and images in the back of your mind.” –Bridging the Atlantic




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zach is currently joining the blog i believe and will be able to upload his own artistic movement.

Comment by dizzurt

smartass diz smartassssssssssssssss

Comment by ranchsauce

lol, doooopeee!

Comment by dizzurt

I got this album last time i was in the bean, everytime i feel like jump kicking my professors in the fucking head.. zach lipkins.. soother of all that is wooosaaahhhh

Comment by clonea0p

oh i didnt know that was you grandon. whattuppp

Comment by ranchsauce

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