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a nobby banger by nobuler
February 5, 2009, 12:21 pm
Filed under: music, nobuler

Enur ‘Calabria’ Kurd M Rmx
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ok nob ill give you this one, it is a dancflo banger….but i gota say if i hear another stupid remix of Calabria ima write a letter to their original publisher so every1 gets caught paying sample fees(which start at 2g’s). At this point that wayyyy overused sax line sounds like balls to me personally. Some fucking DJ does a remix 2007,2008,etc every year if not once a week it seems like on a randomass blog. That said the production aint that bad. kurd M always brings heat. It would be a banger in its own right if the Calabria chorus/bridge got cut out. otherwise its just recycled house garbage lines tossed over the most overplayed dance jam ever. I’m still not sure if i hate it, but please no more…i can download all the original stems just like every1 else.

And if u aint heard it b4 remember this original:

alllsssoo most popular/radioded remix

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