Lost n Sound

younger brother records new album in north london”s battery studios by whitelush
February 2, 2009, 8:20 pm
Filed under: dj zola, music, music news, videos

The whole, ‘new’ with brownie n shenanigans included, younger brother band recording overseas. Great banter and studio tomfoolery included. Not to mention some CRRAAAZZZZZZYYYY sounds/songs i cant wait to hear in entirety.


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“its all about perception when you’re jewish”- Brownie lol

hamilton is tearinn it up. see these fools at Camp?

Comment by ranchsauce

this whole new band shit is kinda weak to me. that set at camp was nothing special. dont get me wrong it was awesome, but defiantely let me down. it brownie and hamilton(FAG) clearly didnt write those parts and you could tell.. had a whole lot less soul than younger brothere should have. im down for an in depth conversation about all this and my thoughts, just dont feel like typing it all here….

Comment by dizzurtdizzurt

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