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The Human Touch – BB303(after STS9 mix-post) by whitelush
January 29, 2009, 7:52 pm
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Hey beantown, crewskers, tribe-heads, I gota delicious musical present for ya. Sorry I couldn’t be there guys….I Hope this finds you in time for the after party. I would highly suggest throwing down on this dank ass BB303 Ambient/Dub/Electronic mix for done for human touch. Especially late night on my old Dell speakers in the bar room. In case you didn’t hear the news already, these guys should start some real shows, fuck shitty live PA’s! Have fun, be safe, and do a little less than I would&!*@

Right Click to Download – HumanTouch ambient_bb303_mix_1
“The Human Touch Booking Agency
Friday, January 23, 2009 at 6:04pm
We are a newly formed booking agency specializing in electronic dance and ambient music. PsyTrance, Progressive, Techno, Electro, Minimal, Breaks and Ambient.

Co-Directed by Simon Baring (formerly of Twisted Records, Minimal Mayhem, Glade Festival, Nano Records) and Balazs Verebes of Ozora Festival, this agency has pulled together some of the top names in the european dance circuits under one convenient roof. If you are a promoter or know a promoter and you’d like to see one of our artists in your country then please come to us and we’ll be happy to provide you with some top quality music.

We will custom make prices and lineups to fit your parties. Our agency is designed to look out for our artists and also for the promoters. We don’t want to make people go bust and we know that the lives of the promoter and the artist are in hard times. We want to build a sustainable relationship between artists, agents and promoters that will keep the parties happening in their many forms for years to come.

We have only TOP quality artists on our label. No favours to friends, only those people that we really believe are up there with ‘la creme de la creme’.

We are looking to use our Human Touch to create good vibes throughout our dance communities. Trance LIVE acts:
Juno Reactor
Laughing Buddha
Fearsome Engine
Man With No Name
Blue Planet Corporation
Total Eclipse
Flip FLop

Trance DJ Sets
Jez (laughing buddha)
Edoardo (Neurobiotic)
FrankE (Koxbox)
DIck Trevor (Nano)
Hopi (Dragonfly/Nano)
Celli (Earthling)
Hamish (Alchemy Records)
Crispy (FlipFLop)

Evan Marc (LIVE)
James Monro (LIVE & DJ)
Tongue & Groove (LIVE & DJ)
Josko aka Giorgio Gatti (DJ)
SimonB (LIVE & DJ)
Edoardo (Microbiotic)
Benji Vaughan (DJ) (Younger Brother)
Celli (LIVE & DJ)
Allaby (DJ)
Youth (DJ)
Hamish (DJ)
Dick Trevor (DJ)
Greg Hunter (DJ)

Pitch Black (LIVE)
BlueTech (LIVE)
Greg Hunter (LIVE/DJ)
Third Ear (LIVE)
Youth (DJ)
Benji Vaughan (Younger Brother DJ)
SimonB (DJ)
Josko aka Giorgio Gatti (DJ)
International Observer (LIVE/DJ)
Lucid Sound (LIVE)
BB303 (LIVE)”


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cant get enoughhhhhhhhhhhhhh o this mixer

Comment by ranchsauce

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