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ok, soooo STS9… by ranchsauce
January 26, 2009, 2:13 am
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I don’t care if your “extra special” post-sale tickets are for charity…i am not paying 50 bones to go see you SPIN your jams. and the NYC show…Ooah/Orchard Lounge/Lipp/Lazer Sword four hour after party honestly sounds more like what i want to hear out of electronic music sets.

Why the fuck don’t you charge shitty prices for these east coast shows AND play a real show like you are going to do all across the west coast and the south the weeks afterwards? Do you really think I (an sts9 fan) want to wait around til at least August to watch you play your new album-which has already taken half a year to become half as decent of jams as from prior albums?

You say you are moving to a higher plane of music playing with Peaceblaster, well talk is fucking cheep. And a huge crowd of spunions in ATL who cant give me a straight answer as to how the songs sounded don’t impress me much.

Honestly, you fucked up with me STS9. And you will have to redeem yourselves. And if you don’t show up to Camp Bisco you can forget me giving a damn next fall.

sincerly, ranchard of hidden valley


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Ranch you once again captured my feelings perfectly about the Tribe. First they refused to play/separate themselves with the biscuits, Change their sound, and start doing only PA sets while fans in waiting for a good but sub-par album. I’ll always love them like an old book but in this fast changing scene it looks like their out. MUCH RATHER SEE THE OL/PL combo.o and btw STS9 now runs 4 laptops with ableton Live and trigger samples/lights, even in their live band sets(so their not far off from a typical DJ these days anyway)

Comment by whitelush

I just think its cloudy, and they aren’t being real to fans. I’m happy you agree Chazzaaa, you better get your ass up here this weekend doodwad

Comment by ranchsauce

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