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Ben Cullum is our friend, world-class DJ/producer, bassist/mooger/funkfuser of theEgg, and…FALCO! by whitelush
January 24, 2009, 9:46 pm
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Wiki – “Ben Cullum is a United Kingdom based musician, composer and record producer of Anglo-Burmese background, and the brother of Jamie Cullum. He acquired a music degree in London and worked for a short time as a session bass guitarist. Soon after, he joined a the UK based video game developer, Rare Ltd, and worked for four years as a composer for console games, providing the voice for characters including Falco Lombardi from the Star Fox series. Currently Cullum is working as a songwriter/programmer/producer/musician.
His first single, “Can’t Get Better Than This”, was released in 2005, on the house label DTPM Recordings, and has been remixed by Dab Hands and Ashley Beedle. His music is published by Chrysalis Records, and he is the songwriter of “These Are the Days”, the debut single by his brother Jamie.
Cullum is currently working and touring with The Egg. Although he has been collaborating with various musicians, he has two cuts on Ferry Corsten’s hit album, L.E.F., they are “Beautiful” and “Forever”. Three songs written by Cullum can be found on Kyle Eastwood’s album, Now. He has also recorded bass guitar, electric organ and guitar on three of All Saints tracks.”

From ben himself:
“Hey Charles!

Good news on your gigs man 🙂
I’m hopefully getting a week’s club tour in NYC organised for me around April/May so will be sure to let you know..

Work hard!
It has been discussed that I am possibly/hopefully/wishing to do some sort of tour support for him if it works out or at the least VIP it ha.(id love to even do a 5min set break.) If some of you guys didn’t know already, I am working on closing bookings on 3 weekly or monthly parties/venues in NYC like le royale, happy ending, delancey etc. where hes looking to play/egg has already. Heres some orginal tracks by him. He played a few at Jules(theEgg after,after-party) during the weee hours of that magical morning, were we all embraced in love, rage, and the sunrise. enjoi!

Ben Cullum – LiFE Ferry Corsten ft BC – right click to download

Ben Cullum – Seretonin{exclusive} - right click to download

Ben Cullum - Beautiful - right click to download


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weeee hours.

Comment by siegelworld

mmmm helllllllzzzzz yeah.

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