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Charles Mazzola(DJ Zola)-chipthievery brucewillis-dub-journal dance(first edit) by whitelush
January 20, 2009, 5:38 pm
Filed under: dj zola, music, sets/mixes

Rough(very) edit of a quick mix thats way unfinished for a new myspace im forced to make. Just preview, guess the tracks/samples if you can. All audio has yet to be mastered(level), EQ’d, and added effect’s normalization. Listen to the end for 26 basslines/MØLLER like you never heard(use headphones or good monitors). leme know what you think/suggestions.

Download -chiptheif_firstedit.mp3
(Used: Adobe Audition, Ableton Live 7, Reason Rewire, External midi/effects processor) Will master eventually in pro-toolz(today maybe?!)



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Thats tite, but idk if I get down with 26 basslines slowed down like that. Takes the BANG out of BANGER, but thats just me personally.. overall prety good, get it mixed up, flow out some more transitions. good ideas

Comment by dizzurt

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