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To: Knobskers, CC: The Crew by dizzurt
January 19, 2009, 7:08 pm
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AIIIGHTT, so wuts good fellaz, and LAAAADIIEZZZ?? So i figured since I can’t upload any fucking music (which I will get to in a second) I figured I’d join in and jive a little bit. So far, I think the blog is doing decent, getting the members up, I like that, keeping the diversity, I’m diggin. I think we need to continue to get more members, and be able to share new music thru each one of our sub-crews and keep the FIIYAARR b-b-b-buummpinn! Knobskers, I’m not sure I like the navigation around the site. Its very hard to read, and on a lot of(certain) computers or browsers fuck up the blogger posters section and make some really big, and some bold, and some normal side, and its not listed its all over the place. Also, even if it is in a list its hard to make out who is who and what is what. And do they have to be alphabetical? I was thinking like there should be a list of posters and then a seperate little list of categories i.e. throwbacks, music, visuals etc. IDK just some ideas I was thinking, just thought we should clean shit up a little bit and possibly make more user friendly.

But also Robbie, boxstr aint lettin me upload shit, and ive been tryin for the past 2 days. When i click to upload the file it takes an extremely long time just sitting there loading, and then this message appears ” Fatal error: Could not move or copy uploaded files to the user files directory. Check directory permission! ” Now idk if somebody has died and it really is fatal and I should be worried or You have just denied me access to Prefers the Night, which is blasphemy! Idk whats going on here but I can’t contribute unless I can upload!!

I was thinkin we should get a little structure goin to the blog as well. Like the throwbacks thing is sick! But it should be like a weekly thing that we all know we can check out at like Mondays or some shit like that. Then do one for visuals or wtvr, etc, keep ideas and categories coming but it takes away from the coolness and effectiveness of each track if its not structured and periodically given out to the masses. WE DICTATE WHAT THESE PEOPLE LISTEN TO! and I check the site and I gotta go back 5 pages to just find the last time I checked the site, too much flooding of the same type of shit and I wind up not gettin to check anythinng out.

Keep up shit with tourdates and shows! that shit is $$, keeps people informed, and I like the recordings/videos of shows we actually went to! Shits dope! Robbie I know you used to have a depths photo link, get that back on there! Well I guess that is all for now, nice work nig nogs! Cheers, your pal, dizzURT

ps- how do i start a new category? I want to start one for this post, entitled “RANTS”. and allow people to vent, post ideas, and just ramble…a great tool when your foxxxed and got sumthin to say!


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1. i can make a list that displays authors if thats what you mean. i’ll put that up and you let me know if you like it.

2. Boxstr was being straight shitty for a few days, i had an AIM chat with there customer service and I did nothing more then copy and paste the error message and show it to her and then they thanked me for catching that fatal error. It is now working pretty fast and i just uploaded a banger.

3. I’m down to have certain days be reserved for certain things. when your posting you can actually set the date that it posts so you can say post on monday which we will say for demonstration purposes is throwback day and it will do it for you then. But on the otherhand it is nice to just post something when you want to post and be free. I dunno lets open the debate.

4. photos from the depths coming back fa show

5 catagorys just ask me to add it, usually in a more private manner then a public posting as this. I already created a rants category and added this shit show of a post to it.

that is all,

your faithful overlord, sir blogsworth of nobbelry

Comment by Bloggie Smalls

i have been thinking alot of these things too Dizmaster. good lookss son.



Comment by ranchsauce

i like the idea of having some things be weekly, etc. But if it isn’t going to be scheduled than it shouldn’t be labeled as such.

Comment by ranchsauce

oh and i want to be sir rancherd of hiddenvalley

Comment by ranchsauce

i think maybe there should be a different category for long music sets/mixes. im about to throw up an hour long mix that may not be what someone is looking for out of a regular banger music track link

Comment by ranchsauce

Liking the new look nobomatic.

Comment by siegelworld

Throw backs are only once a week,
I did the oldies,rock and hiphop last week.
I am only updating throwbacks once a week between mon-wed, too keep you all guessing!

The only rule i follow with the throwbacks, are if the song i am puttig up is NOT there radio song. A song that if you knew the artist then you would know the track bc its track 17 on there first cd!.

ALl Ideas are welcome.

Comment by goldni0020

ok so only one throwback a week? only you put them up? that sounds fine to me. we just throw you suggestions. why are there two new throwbacks today?

Comment by ranchsauce

as many throwbacks as vinny wants to putup between monday and wednesday! throw him suggestions in his suggestion box!

Comment by dizzurt

Only 1 throwback per TYPE a week.
IE. one rock, oldie, rap, reggae, soul etc.
they will get posted between m-w.

If someone has a throwback they want to post, i am always open to suggestions. Just hit me up and we can work it out!

-stay lifted

Comment by goldni0020

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