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Hallucinogen(Ott) – In Dub Gamma Goblins (Its Turtles All The Way Down Mix) by whitelush
January 15, 2009, 3:18 am
Filed under: dj zola, music

Unbeknownst to the London massive, deep within the English countryside lie a number of brilliant music producers. One such unfashionable but extremely talented artist is OTT, best friend of Simon Posford aka Hallucinogen and previous editor of the Shpongle albums.
Hallucinogen’s stuff would lend itself well to dub – and this proves you right.
It’s a dub circus with flecks of the original souping in and out, and the effect is truly psychedelic. Spiritual Antiseptic uses the original’s cutup vocals with a more traditional dub arrangement – melodica, clattering drums, and reverb to hell and back.
Twisting and turning, the way the main LSD melody surfaces is pure sonic poetry, and certainly gets those brain chemicals flowing.
This is an absolute triumph – it’s original, it’s brave, and the sounds are truly transporting making this a release that truly deserves the ‘psychedelic’ tag.
click to download


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